Delta Regional Authority
Demographic Dashboard

The eight states of our Delta region are a vibrant, diverse landscape rich in culture, history, and economic opportunity.

Learn more about the demographics of our region, or highlight counties and areas to learn more about the demographics specific to your choice.

How do I use this Dashboard?
  • Click on a control at the top of the map to select it.
    • County select control: Click on a county to select it. Click on a selected county to deselect it.
    • Radius select control: Click and hold on a spot on the map to start a circle. Drag outwards to adjust the circle radius. Release the click to complete the circle.
    • Drive radius control: Click on a point on the map to set the radius center. Enter the drive time in the control. Click "Create drivetime radius"
  • Selection controls cannot be combined. Creating a new selection will clear the previous selection.
  • When you are happy with your selection, click "Filter" below the map to show data from your selection.
  • To remove all selection filters click "Clear" below the map.